Wednesday, 06 September 2017 12:49

Everything You Need to Know About Vehicle Light Tinting

Light tinting films are easily applied on top of tail lights and headlights and can allow you to completely change the appearance of your vehicle. Made from a strong and flexible film with a clear layer of adhesive, there are a variety of smoke effect and coloured light tints which will give you a stylish look on the road.

As well as improving your vehicle’s aesthetic, light tinting will provide added protection against damage to the lights such as scratching or chipping. Films are very durable and they’re waterproof, which means that they can be washed and treated like any other surface on your vehicle. Light tinting films can last for years, however if you’re ready for a change they can simply be removed without damaging the lights.

Vehicle light tinting requirements

Although slick smoked tints are perfectly fine to use, if your light tints are too dark you could pose a serious safety risk to yourself and other drivers and you could see a big fine coming your way. In the UK, light tinting films are permitted, though to keep drivers safe there are certain requirements that need to be met when installing them:

  • Lights cannot be dimmed by more than 50%. They need to be bright enough to illuminate the road ahead and be clearly visible to drivers from behind.
  • You must still be able to see their original colour - headlights need to be white/yellow, rear lights must be red.
  • Lights should be visible from a distance.

Click here to see the full MOT regulations regarding light tints. Having light tints installed should not be a reason for MOT rejection, so long as the light outputs are not adversely reduced, it emits the correct colour and the film is securely fitted. Grey or smoked light tints are popular among drivers and less likely to affect the light output than coloured options. If you have high-intensity discharge light bulbs (H.I.D/Xenon) you should be careful when installing light tints as they may produce an excessive heat build-up under sustained high beam use.

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