Wednesday, 06 September 2017 12:50

The Pro Tints Guide to Vehicle Light Tinting

Vinyl tinting for vehicles’ windows is a popular way to increase privacy, prevent glare and improve security. Many car owners also like that they can customise their vehicle with window tints for a more stylish and individual look. This can also be achieved with light tinting, however light tinting hasn’t yet been so widely adopted in the UK. Light tinting allows you to place a coloured, translucent film over the headlights and tail lights of your vehicle, giving you the chance to update and personalise it quickly and easily. Because of the special vinyl material used, the tinted wrap won’t damage the lights and can be removed with little or no adhesive residue. Light tinting provides a completely unique effect that requires little maintenance.

When opting for vehicle light tints you’ll need to ensure that the materials used are legal and comply with the UK MOT test regulations, stated below:

MOT regulations on light tinting

Headlights: A pair of headlights must emit light of substantially the same colour and intensity, emit a steady colour of either white or yellow and be visible from a reasonable distance.

Brake lights: A brake light must emit a steady red light. At least 50% of the lamp must be visible from the rear. Light must be visible from a reasonable distance.

Reflectors: At least 50% of the reflecting surface must be visible from a reasonable distance.

Indicators: Every indicator must emit amber light. At least 50% of the lamp must be visible. Light must be visible from a reasonable distance.

Masks, or converter kits: A headlamp or rear tail lamp altered in this way is not a reason for MOT rejection. So long as light outputs are not adversely reduced, it emits the appropriate correct colour and the mask is securely attached.

At Pro Tints we have a vast range of approved assorted colours and finishes available for your vehicle’s lights, including mesh effect, smoke effects and even clear wraps, giving you the benefit of stone-chip protection without altering your vehicle’s appearance. The two types of light tints we offer are waterproof and durable, and can conform to most light contours. With easy and fast application that doesn’t require the light fitting to be removed, our vehicle light tints are able to be washed and treated like any other surface, making them a great way to customise your lights and transform the look of your vehicle:


This series of vinyl film is transparent, and comes in two shades of grey for a tinted appeal, as well as a range of different colours. Oracal wraps completely cover the headlights or tail lights for a stylish look, allowing for ease of application and removal, without damaging the surface it is adhered to. 

SPi Vision

SPi Vision is a tinting mesh that adheres to the surface of any light, for a dark finish that can improve your vehicle’s appearance. Known for offering durability, SPi Vision light wraps are resistant to most weather and road conditions, and can also be installed and removed easily and quickly, leaving little or no residue. 

It should be noted that high-intensity discharge light bulbs could cause excessive heat build-up under sustained high beam use, which would melt the vinyl. However if the high-beam bulb has a silvered tip or a cowling in front of it, then the tinting should be fine.