Wednesday, 06 September 2017 12:53

Why Vehicle Wrapping is better than a New Paint Job

If your paintwork has faded over the years from the sun, or if you aren’t a fan of the colour of your car, you may have strongly considered a complete re-spray to get your vehicle looking its best. However, a new paint job can be very expensive, particularly for higher quality metallic paint or for certain colours. A much cheaper yet equally effective way of giving your car a new look would be to invest in a vehicle wrap.

Vinyl wraps are increasingly popular for vehicle owners that are looking to go for a more vivid colour that could lead to a more expensive paint job, or in some cases, effects such as carbon fibre or brushed steel. A wrap for your car could make even the most dynamic vehicle stand out even more. As well as being much cheaper than a new paint job in most cases, there are a number of other reasons to choose vehicle wrapping over a complete re-spray:

  • Paintwork Protection – A full vinyl vehicle wrap actually protects the original paint job of your car from weathering and many natural hazards. As well as preventing sun related fading of the paintwork, wraps are also very durable, acting as a shield against flying debris that could lead to chips and scratches.
  • Resale Value – By keeping the original paint job intact and protected from weathering and hazards, you are much more likely to keep your resale value as high as possible. It’s also import to consider that if you re-spray your car in a particularly bright colour, it may not be a preferential colour choice for many potential buyers.
  • Maintenance – If you are sick of constantly waxing your vehicle to keep it its shine, a full vehicle wrap could make maintenance much easier. Using only soap and water, you can have your wrap looking as good as new.
  • More Choice – When it comes to choosing a wrap for your vehicle, the choice is practically unlimited. As well choosing from a huge list of different colours, wraps are also available in many different styles; for example, chrome and other metallic wraps are extremely popular. As well as off the shelf colours and designs, wraps also allow for custom designs which can be digitally printed. This is ideal for business vehicles, as any logos and contact information can be applied to a car, van or truck.
  • Safe Removal – Should you want to sell your car or return it to its original factory colour for any other reason, vehicle wraps can safely be removed without causing any damage to your paintwork. 

If you are convinced that a vehicle wrap is a better choice for you than a new paint job, you can call Pro-Tints and Graphics on 01794 367088.