Light Tinting

We have 2 products we use for light tinting.

Oracal is a transparent wrap that comes in different shades and colours and completely covers the headlights or tail light.

SPI-Vision is a headlight and tail light tinting mesh that creates a dark smoke effect.

Both products are waterproof and durable so once applied can be washed and treated like any other surface on your vehicle. They will conform to most light contours and can be installed quickly and if needed can be removed with little or no adhesive residue. Please read and understand the MOT Regulations regarding Head and Rear Lights.

MOT rules and regulations state: 1.2: Headlights A pair of headlights must: emit light of substantially the same colour and intensity. Emit a steady colour of either white or yellow. be visible from a reasonable distance. 1.3: Brake lights A brake light must emit a steady red light. At least 50% of the lamp must be visible from the rear Light must be visible from a reasonable distance 1.4: Reflectors At least 50% of the reflecting surface must be visible from a reasonable distance. 1.5: Indicators Every indicator must emit amber light. At least 50% of the lamp must be visible. Light must be visible from a reasonable diqstance. Masks, or converter kits. A headlamp or rear tail lamp altered in this way is not a reason for MOT rejection. So long as light outputs are not adversely reduced, it emits the appropriate correct colour and the mask is securely. Please note that high-intensity discharge light bulbs (H.I.D/Xenon) may cause excessive heat build-up under sustained high beam use. This may result in melting of the vinyl.

Light Tinting

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