Paint Protection Films

Paint Protection Films give invisible protection to the vulnerable areas of your vehicle from road debris such as stone chips, Insects and salt. With its self healingproperties the film will always look fresh whilst leaving you feeling secure in the knowledge that your factory paint work will stay original, saving you from the trauma of having your vehicle re-painted. This in turn will assist if selling your vehicle to increase value.

We choose to fit Suntek PPF they are the leaders in paint protection films. Their products benefit from a high gloss finish and superb optical clarity (matte ppf films are available). It is very conformable meaning it can be applied to complex curves. When coupled with their precise template cutting software makes for a quality instillation. With an extensive library of vehicle makes and models with partial and full kits available you can choose the areas you want to cover.


Vehicle Wraps

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  • astra-van-wrap.jpg
  • astra-wrap-and-printed-sign-writing.jpg
  • audi-1.jpg
  • audi.jpg
  • compact-wrap.jpg
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  • e90-roof-wrap-window-tints--light-tints.jpg
  • evoque-roof-wrap-and-tints.jpg
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